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Elisabeth Mauracher´s interpretation and confrontation with paintings had already started during her childhood: she enjoyed rummaging in the beautiful collection of art printings from her mother, in which she was especially fascinated by the colour-printings of Miró, Chagall and Klimt. They implemented a big effect on the young girl and a deep connection to colours and forms arose immediately.

As an adolescent she took the brush intending to go down her own paths from the beginning onwards. The interaction between different kinds of textile materials fascinated her already and she recognized at an early stage that painting appeared to be the best way to express personal emotions and experiences.

Elisabeth Mauracher has participated since 1980 in numerous exhibitions and she has continually learned new and different painting techniques: watercolour, acrylic, etching, collage etc.



  • 2000 Exhibition Büro für Frauenkunst des Landes Salzburg, “artemisia-mentoring in der Frauenkunst
  • 2000 Gallery Con Animo Hundsmarktmühle, “von Landschaft geträumt
  • 2003 Gallery Con Animo Stift Mattsee, “rabenschwarz und mondscheinich
  • 2006 BV Berchtoldvilla, “Frauenzimmer update
  • 2007 Publication, SALZ zeitschrift für literatur
  • 2009 Exhibition Festung Hohensalzburg, “Außerirdisch – Innerirdisch
  • 2010 Design of the book cover “Eine Hand Voll Mond” von Gerlinde Weinmüller
  • 2013 BV Berchtholdvilla, “Jedermanns Totentanz
  • 2014 Community exhibition Vilnius, Lithuania, “Grafikkunst aus Salzburg
  • 2014 Community exhibition Vienna, Austria, ega: frauen im zentrum, “erfrischend altverganges
  • 2014 BV Berchtoldvilla, “Der Mensch im Mittelpunkt
  • 2015 Final exhibition Detmold, Germany, “Im Namen der Lippischen Rose“, art + design 2015
  • 2015 Gallery im alten Feuerwehrhaus, Freilassing Germany, “dreams are growing everywhere
  • 2015 BV Berchtoldvilla, “DIN A4
  • 2016 art in GWS, Geschützte Werkstätten Salzburg, “overview
  • 2017 Gallery Bertrand Kass Innsbruck, “talking about now and then
  • 2017 BV Berchtoldvilla, “end of the year SALE

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the head
on the light shoulder
and then
carry on hands
a new glance
Gerlinde Weinmüller
volume of poems 'stand.halten'